Women’s Issues Network (WIN)


At the time of the merger of the former Social Science Federation of Canada (SSFC) and the Canadian Federation for the Humanities (CFH) in 1996, there were two bodies responsible for women’s issues: the Women’s Issues Network (WIN) established by SSFC in 1989 and the Women’s Issues Caucus established by CFH in 1991.  Both groups were made up of one representative from each member association and were created in response to the perceived need to address issues of concern to women in academe.  In addition to the WIN, the Social Science Federation created an executive position responsible for women’s issues.  The position of Vice-President, Women’s Issues was retained in the structure of the Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada (HSSFC) and, in the fall of 1996, Dr Cannie Stark was elected by acclamation as the first Vice-President responsible for this portfolio under HSSFC.  Dr Stark’s mandate came to an end in November 1998 and Dr Cynthia Alexander was elected to the position for a two-year mandate.