Book Fair

Professors, graduate students, representatives of government and non-governmental organizations from across Canada, as well as sectors of the wider community, will be attending the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities in Edmonton to discuss and hear of the latest research findings in the social sciences and humanities and to attend the annual Book Fair.

  • This annual meeting involves 80 different learned societies and attracts 5000 to 6000 scholars.
  • The Congress will feature:
    • a series of international colloquia, planned to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and conversation, on Congress topics of The North; Law, Culture and Society; and Globalization, Societies, Cultures;
    • additional symposia on Creativity and Innovation in the Arts and Sciences; Women in the Academy; The Future of Graduate Students in the Arts; and Human Rights and the Law in Canada;
    • a central hub of Congress activities and services conveniently located in the UofA’s “Butterdome”;
    • a taste of Western hospitality at the UofA’s President’s Receptions;
    • the largest Hospitality Centre in Congress (and Learneds) history;
    • a series of special events organized by different parts of the UofA;
    • The first Congress organized over an 8-day period; and
    • a warm welcome to Edmonton, Canada’s “Festival City”, and the opportunity to enjoy countless cultural and historical activities.

The Book Fair

The Book Fair has long been a key feature of the Congress and a priority for the HSSFC, for delegates and for the exhibitors themselves. Will continue to maintain a high quality exhibit, seeking enhancements that create a vibrant forum for the presentation and discussion of scholarly research. We will also seek to further enhance our links with the communities in which we operate and increase the profile of scholarship in the humanities and social sciences.

The Book Fair, held at the University of Alberta, will feature:

  • 5000 to 6000 delegates… representing almost every discipline in the humanities and social sciences
  • The Book Fair Café… where readings, receptions, book launches, the HSSFC Book Prize ceremony and more will be centered. Exhibitors are encouraged to utilize this space for any activities they wish to host.
  • Five (5) Rector’s Receptions… attracting from 600 to 800 delegates will be held in the Reception Hall, adjacent to the Book Fair.
  • Society Programs… Want to know what the hot issues will be at the Congress? The Secretariat will provide preliminary copies of the society programs upon request. Please fill out the enclosed Request for Society Programs and forward to the Congress secretariat by 31 March 2000.
  • Advertising Opportunities… for publishers, before and during the Congress. Please refer to the enclosed information.
  • An inviting layout… in a bright, modern building, centered around the Book Fair Café.