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[Facts about the Federation and its membership]

Message from Dr. Patricia Clements, President of the Federation

Welcome to the HSSFC web site! The HSSFC proudly represents more than 24,000 researchers in 66 learned societies and 69 universities and colleges across Canada. We support the work of more than 50% of the faculty members in Canadian universities through the following activities and programs:

  • The ongoing promotion and defense of social sciences and humanities research.
  • The annual Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities bringing together over 100 learned associations and more than 5,000 scholars from Canada and the international community. It features interdisciplinary symposia, cultural events, public discussion and attracts major media coverage.
  • The Aid to Scholarly Publications Programme (ASPP) promoting the dissemination of Canadian research through its support of the publication of 145 books a year, each one approved by a rigorous peer review process.
  • The annual Book Fair, held in conjunction with the annual Congress, attracting over 150 scholarly presses from Canada, the United States and abroad, with continuous programming of launches, awards, readings and talks.
  • The electronic newsletter Perspectives, community listservs and regular business meetings making the HSSFC a communications hub for humanists and social scientists in Canada.
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