Oral Care for Children

When it comes to dental health care, it generally encompasses all ages and gender. Each of us is susceptible to teeth, gum and other mouth causing disease. That is why proper awareness and education are imperative in preventing these problems. In Canada, health care is one of the top priorities the government is focusing on. A lot of local programs are working on helping improve the oral hygiene of Canadians. Riverbend is supporting this plan as well. http://friendsandfamilydentalhealth.com/riverbend/ has is also participating in their own efforts to help promote dental care.

It is said to believe that the children is our future. Basically, the same principle is followed in oral hygiene. We need to start them young. Having a good dental health is best achieved when we start practicing it as a child. As they say, old habits die hard. Once we get used to practicing good oral hygiene while we are still young, these habits and practices will eventually become a consistent part of our daily regimen until we grow old. Here are several ways to help kick start that habit.

Choosing the right toothpaste

As soon as you discover your baby’s first milk tooth, its already time to start brushing it with fluoride toothpaste to prevent tooth decay. This usually begins six months after giving birth but in some cases, it can be expected earlier. It is suggested that you use a regular toothpaste instead of buying special products that are specifically formulated for kids. Either way, the important factor you need to consider is the right amount of fluoride content. Usually a minimum of 1,350 ppm is enough. For kids below six years of age, 1,000 ppm is acceptable considering they do not have tooth decay. Children below three years old are advised to use a very small amount of toothpaste and for ages between three to six, only a pea size is recommended.

Brushing teeth the right way

It is advisable to brush your kid’s teeth at for at least two minutes and twice a day. Do not let your children play or lick the toothpaste bar. Ask them to spit any excess toothpaste left in their mouth. It is always best to teach your child how to brush their own teeth as soon as they are capable of it. Guide their hand on the right movement and use a mirror to show them if they are doing it correctly so they can also see if they are reaching the right locations. Always make it fun for them so that they will not perceive it as a daunting task.

As soon as you see the appearance of milk teeth, you can start taking your child to see a dentist. There is a number of dentist Riverbend has available for you. This will help your kid get familiarized and learn the importance of dental health. Make a regular schedule of your visits with your dentist.

As you can see, the importance of early prevention is crucial to the development of a better oral health. You will play a key role in guiding your children in this endeavor. There is a variety of dentist Riverbend can offer you that specifically concentrates in children’s oral hygiene.

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